Wood & Laminate Flooring

From the pared back, minimalist interior to the warm, rustic charm of a country house there is a colour and style of wood floor for your home. But what is the difference between timber floors and laminate floors?

Timber floors are made with a layer of solid timber on the top of a HDF core and are laid over top of your existing floor.  Depending on the thickness of the wood layer you can sand back and refinish the floor several times.  The planks come already pre-finished with lacquers, which means no smells and waiting around for layers of polyurethane to dry!  You can walk on them the very same day.  A foam underlay provides cushioning and then the tongue and groove joints are clicked or glued together to form a "floating" floor over the top.

Laminate flooring is also a type of "floating" floor that has a layered system with an HDF core, but here the top layer is actually a photograph.  The advantages of laminate flooring are they can cost less, are durable, and easy to clean.  Laminate is much harder to mark than solid wood and stains can be removed with a specialist cleaner.  The superior wear surface with which most modern laminate floors are provided means that they resist normal wear and tear with ease.  
The Floor Store has a huge selection of both wood and laminate flooring options available.


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